My experiences as an educator and an author have led me to see the significance of reading and relationships in our lives.

Reading offers opportunities and knowledge beyond what most of us would understand if it were not for the meanings conveyed through words.

Reading helps us to better ourselves and our world. Through relationships we create change beyond ourselves.

Join me in promoting reading through relationships. Let's help others go beyond themselves.

We love to read is the platform for two projects. One is Reading to Your Child. The second is Reading to My Mother. Each includes informative and inspirational videos using children's picture books.

Reading to Your Child explains characteristics of children's picture books. I chose some of my favorites to demonstrate how to develop comprehension.

Reading to My Mother includes videos of when I read her children's books and shared memories related to each book. I share the videos to offer courage to others to do the same.


Kathleen Rose Miller has served as an educator in Mexico and in the United States. She has taught students in special reading classes, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, special education, elementary school, middle school, and high school.

At the university and college levels, she has taught literacy courses to undergraduate and graduate students.

Kathleen Rose has a PhD and an MA in Reading Education, an MA in English as a Second Language, and a BA in Elementary Education.

Dr. Miller has been a Program Evaluator of an urban school district and a College Field Coordinator of Teaching Excellence Teams. She understands the importance of communicating and building trust.

Kathleen Rose is a teacher and a learner. She enjoys helping students, parents, and teachers experience success beyond themselves.

Educational Services

Beyond Themselves

Beyond Themselves is about helping children, young people, and adults recognize their identity and become all they were created to be. In other words, becoming who they were destined to be.



ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. The consulting effort provides effective instructional strategies for teachers, students, and administrators.


Growth Partnering

Growth Partnering is making commitments to ourselves and each other to dream and accomplish the goals required to live our dreams. It is about accountability, discipline, dedication, and trust.


Rose and Ylsa

Rose and Ylsa spent almost 15 years together. Ylsa helped Rose in the videos Reading to Your Child.

Ylsa did not join Rose when she read to her mother in the nursing home and shared memories of growing up.

But the memories of Ylsa live on. God sent Ylsa to Rose, who had much to learn about relationships, trust, and time.

...the human spirit is more powerful than any drug—
and that is what needs to be nourished
with work, play, friendship, family...the simplest things.

Dr. Malcolm Sayer


Kathleen Rose Miller is an author of close to a dozen inspirational and educational books. Her subject matter of expertise ranges from relationship building and faith based guidance to academic texts for reading.

Kathleen Rose won the Short Story Award for a literary magazine. She has been published in campus and community newspapers, in an international peer-edited educational journal, a college literary magazine, and a music newspaper. She has published dozens of literacy guides and numerous educational articles.

Some of Kathleen Rose's books include God’s Heart: My Home, Dog Devotions, Hymns for the Heart Away from Home, Journaling the Journey, ABC Blessing Book for Boys, and ABC Blessing Book for Girls. Her text, Measuring Reading Ability of ESL Students, is based on academic research.

Coming Publications

Reading to My Mother

I never expected to read to my mother. I never expected to share memories with her through children's books. She left us years before departing this earth. The stories of life can end different from what we expect and still be good.

Buddy's Book

God teaches us many things. He uses creatures not always small. Buddy was big. Too big for me. But I told my dad I would take care of him. What happened was that God sent Buddy to watch after me.


The scene opens in the mountains of Colorado, but the story began decades ago in the midst of sycamore trees. A journey trod from skepticism to acceptance. From pain to healing. Courage and freedom I now have.

Most of all

Kathleen Rose believes each of us should have a heart that is free and the courage to follow it.