Are you a princess? If someone were to ask, what would you say? Supposing you are a man, would you agree that you are a prince or a king? Perhaps you perform the role of both. Why do we hesitate to don the tiara or crown?

When Cinderella walks from the attic to where the prince is waiting for her, she enters with apologies. “I am no princess. I have no carriage. No parents. No dowry.” She carries no pretentions. She is honest. And yet, standing before royalty, she continues.

“But will you take me as I am?” Here is our greatest risk. Will we present ourselves as we truly are?

To my heavenly Father, I can trust my heart. Like Cinderella, I can present myself as an honest girl who loves him.

That is all he asks. That we love him. He takes our love and helps us become a princess or a prince. We each are of royal blood in the kingdom of God. Why do we hesitate to see ourselves as such?

When I go to Mass I see Jesus standing at the altar. He smiles. Sometimes I imagine him reaching his arms out to me. Sometimes I see myself in his arms. Always, he tells me that he loves me. He is glad I have come. He calls me by name. “Rose.” I am his Rose.

Nothing compares to being loved by someone whom you love. Someone who accepts us as we are.

Despite a ragged dress, cinders on her face, and tasseled hair, the prince saw Cinderella’s heart. He felt the love within her reaching out to him.

This is our true beauty. Our heart. Which reaches beyond our soul and through our eyes. We see with eyes of love. We are seen by others with loving eyes.

Not long ago I heard a man admit that he still struggled with accepting himself. His admission brought attention to his humanness, despite his acknowledged fame. The elder gentleman who counseled the man reminded him that God loves him.

The man of fame struggled with why God would love him. “The elder man told him, “God loves you, because that is who God is. God is loving.” That is what God does. He loves. This is our Father’s nature. He loves us.

Let’s go back to presenting ourselves as we truly are.

Personally, I want to be valued for my skills, intellect, sensitivity, and professionalism. I desire that my worth to be measured less by how I look, especially not by how sensual I could be made to appear.

I like what St. John Paul II explained. He said that when we appear immodest, we reveal too little. Really?! Did he say this? Well, not exactly. What he said was that revealing too much obscures our real value.

Why then do women and young girls wear clothes that emphasize or expose the parts of their bodies associated with sex? Wearing such clothing amplifies the message that they are sexualized objects ready for consumption. Why wear such attire if you do not want to be considered an object?

Who wants to feel like a thing? Especially after being used as a thing a few times. A woman wants to be valued as the unique and beautiful person that she is. This being true, then we as women need to refrain from displaying what too often distracts eyes from seeing our real beauty and who we genuinely are.

As one man said concerning the close-fitting outfit that barely covered enough, “Doesn’t leave much room for the imagination.”

Do we as women and young girls want men undressing us in public? If they actually took our clothes off in public, we’d have legal rights to press criminal charges. Then why trigger disrobing in their minds? Are you that unkind?

I’ve been angered when I felt a pair of eyes disrobe me in public. Such actions remind us that we want to be respected and seen beyond our physical form, which is reason to dress in a manner that attracts onlookers to the face. The eyes should be the focal point. Remember, eyes see the soul, the heart, where true value is revealed.

St. John Paul II reminded us. Allow others to see your heart. This is a reason to dress modestly.

I could mention physical health, STDs, risks of cancer through contraceptives and abortions. Not least is the emotional and physical damage experienced by those who allow themselves to be objectified. Effects of these summon needed healing. For here, beauty is being highlighted.

So for now, I’ll leave you with one last thought to muse. If you were to choose someone to share your time with, would you choose someone with eyes of love, or someone whose eyes are shadowed by indifference?

Our hearts are our beauty to adorn. Wear your crown.

Luv ya,