We need courage. We all do, because it takes courage to answer the question, “Is who I really am, will this be enough?” Or, put another way, “Will it be enough to be seen as I truly am?”

The stepmother tells Cinderella, “Just remember who you are.” The problem is the stepmother did not see Cinderella as who she really was. If Cinderella had accepted what her stepmother thought of her, Cinderella may never have made it back to the palace.

We each are royalty. Whether a princess or a prince, nobility resides within us. We must see this virtue. We must know that our Father created us with enough of what it takes to be who we truly are.

The great risk is to be seen as we truly are. For to be as we truly are, we must see the beauty and worth within us, and not rely on the opinion of others. That can be hard, not to rely on the affirmation of friends or family.

But sometimes our father and our mother may not help us. They may forsake us. Even still, our Father tells us that if a parent doesn’t help us, he will.

Think about what Cinderella said to the prince when they first met. Cinderella did not want the stag to be hunted and killed. The prince was curious. "Why not?"

Cinderella said she saw that the stag had a great deal left to do with his life. The same is true for us. We each have a great deal left to do with our lives.

The prince could not believe what Cinderella was telling him. Hunting was what was done. Cinderella told him, “Because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.”

Maybe you feel the same. You will always be a certain way. It’s what has been. But that doesn’t mean it is what should be.

Have courage. Courage reminds us that our Father formed you from within the womb. Before you were born your Father was fashioning you as a princess or prince. Of course, our Father can do this. He stretches out the heavens all my himself.

Our Father says more than once that he created you. He wants you to know that he knew you before he formed you in the womb. He consecrated you before you were born. The plan was divine. You were meant to be, and through that being you have a purpose.

Our Father assures that you will complete his purpose within you. And what is that purpose? It is the same one that he designed when he formed your inward parts and knit you together in your mother’s womb.

You were alive and had a purpose before you were born. Accidents do not happen. You were not an accident whether you think so or not. Your success is in our Father’s hands.

Now back to Cinderella. It takes courage. Perhaps you want to do something, but you hesitate to try. You want to draw, but don’t pick up a pencil. You want to write books, but you find other things to do instead of sit at a computer or find paper to write on. Maybe you thought about painting. You look at easels and think, someday. Besides, you can paint without an easel. But you don’t. You don’t pursue your inklings. Why?

Because you doubt. You are afraid you will fail. Yes, fear keeps you locked in the attic of your soul.

What did Cinderella do? She didn’t lock herself in the attic. Her stepmother did. Even then, her stepmother could not keep Cinderella from being found, because Cinderella did not allow her soul to become a prisoner of someone else’s wrong opinion.

Cinderella sang. Her heart remained free. And while she sang, someone heard. Someone pursued what he knew he was to do. Find the missing girl whose foot fit the glass slipper.

Courage. Despite the doubt. Despite the feelings of despair. Cinderella was found and she became whom she was destined to be.

Such is the same for you. If you believe. If you have courage. Be free to be you.

Luv ya,



See Psalm 27:10, Isaiah 44:24-25, Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 138.8, Psalm 139:13, Sirach 10:5.